Several years ago, I went on a trip to the desert and bought a watercolor set to try plein air painting. I hadn’t “painted” for a while and certainly was not accustomed to watercolors. There was something about the physicality of the paint, water, pigment, brush and paper that was very comfortable and the time element involved with water evaporation felt really performative and scientific. I started to travel for art projects and the watercolor set was compact, good for travel. I could work in a hotel room and occupy that alone time very well with watercolor painting. Hotels became my studio. I would have several paintings in the works all over the room with ESPN blasting on the TV. When I started to post these pieces on my social media, friends responded warmly and soon I was being commissioned. There is a relationship between the time base of watercolors and my sound based art work. As you can see, I leave the residue of the base painting and utilize the water leaking aspect of the process. To me, these are like time signatures of the people and places I paint. I primarily paint my friends, who tend to be artists or of the art world. Sometimes I paint places that are art related. I decided to create this Etsy page to sell some of my better paintings. I am currently working on a body of work related to my artist residency at CalState University Dominguez Hills. An exhibition of these works is set for the Summer of 2019.